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Do you have empty or underperforming commercial office space?

MSO Space provides a proven, award winning, end-to-end commercial property management service that helps building owners transform their underperforming commercial property portfolio into higher revenue generating assets.

As the owner of an empty or underperforming commercial property, you are being squeezed from all directions: Business rates, maintenance, security and finance costs all still have to be paid. The growing volume of high quality commercial office space in virtually all locations makes it more competitive to let your office space and when you do manage to find a suitable tenant, occupiers negotiate harder and expect shorter leases. Finally, the continuing impact of the credit crunch means you can’t achieve a realistic sale price.

“Can you really afford to just sit it out?”

With our experience, we can show you how to re-energise your commercial property portfolio and achieve returns far in excess of those of a conventional lease.

The market for office space has been changing: Occupiers are no longer willing to commit to long leases for office space. The reality is they demand flexibility, fixed payments, no surprises and short-term commitment.

The major ‘serviced office’ providers dominate the market and dictate terms to property owners; enforcing operating agreements that allow them to take all of the ‘service’ profits over and above the base rent, charging high management fees and not really engaging in an equitable partnership with you.

As a commercial property owner or leaseholder, you need to balance your portfolio with shorter leases. If you have taken a long lease you may well find some space is empty or underutilised. You can’t afford to hold empty commercial property space and you don’t need the distraction of managing a serviced office business.

MSO Space has a proven solution to help you get more revenue from your empty commercial property, underutilised office space or underperforming serviced office Business Centre.

MSO Space is trusted to get results.

We not only guarantee an award winning service. We guarantee to save you time & money, put your building back on the map and help you achieve even higher returns on your investment.

That is why the organisations that we advise i.e. Property Portfolio Managers, Asset Managers and Commercial Property Leaseholders and other property entities, trust MSO Space to independently review their current operating agreements and get the best return from their office space.

To learn more about MSO and see how we can do the same for you, please call today on 0845 370 7360 to arrange a no-obligation exploratory meeting.

We look forward to working with you

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