As we have now been here for several years, we really value the fact that MSO staff are always onsite to resolve any issues which arise. They are knowledgeable and empowered to help us and always helpful and attentive to our needs

Recently we needed to expand our office space to incorporate a demonstration suite. MSO took the brief and expedited the whole process to complete the conversion to our satisfaction.

We find MSO to be flexible and very accommodating of our commercial needs.

I have personally visited and held meeting at other MSO Business Centres in Manchester and Slough and can confirm that the level of service and support is consistently excellent across the different business centres.

The directors of the business are very approachable and as we continue to grow and expand, I have complete confidence that MSO would support us and use its knowledge of our business and specific requirements to find us the best possible fully managed serviced office in any of its business centres

I am happy to nominate MSO Workspace for the BCA Awards

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