Executive Summary

Business Centre Mangers identified the most suitable contacts within each client company to interview to obtain the most positive testimonial. This list was circulated to Directors for comment. There were last minutes changes and substitutions of interviewee due to availability or delegation.

My preference is always to conduct face to face interviews but where this was not possible, a telephone interview was scheduled.

The structure of the interview followed the guidance the BCA had published for nominations, asking for two specific examples:

  • Most beneficial service or facility at the Business Centre
  • How the centre delivers exceptional value and service to your business
  • How your presence in the business centre opens new future business opportunities

The initial unprompted responses in the vast majority of cases were positive but to bring variety to the answers leading questions were posed and with the clients permission the responses were presented in a more positive comprehensive manner.

When obtaining sign-off only one client asked for changes to be made, Martin Howe of Entelec didn’t wish to include a particularly positive comment about the MSO business guarantees. Another client specifically wanted the business centre manger named

Here is an overview of each Business Centre

The HIVE: 5/5 testimonials

  • Very happy and satisfied clients, positive about the BM and MSO.
  • The “non-corporate” look of the HIVE is a real draw.

Cranmore Place: 5/10 testimonials

  • The majority of clients are very happy, satisfied and positive about the BM and MSO. Only exception was Fircroft; Adam Brown was quite negative “Centre is nothing special, average, middle of the road – was clearly upset because he though moving from Regus would save the company £1000 per month but it was more like £50. We have not used his testimonial.
  • The Tuck Box with its Honesty Box has gone down well.

Dudley Court South: all clients gave testimonials

  • Very happy and satisfied clients, positive about the BM and MSO
  • Location and car park were often cited

11 Brindley Place: all clients gave testimonials

  • Very happy and satisfied clients, positive about the BM and MSO
  • Grade A facilities, location, impression to customers all cited as positive reasons
  • Ellis from Glow Recruitment was unhappy that meeting rooms were expensive and he had to interview clients in the kitchen. The BM does try to discourage this but I walked in on an interview in the kitchen.

Churchill House:

  • Mainly happy and mostly satisfied clients, positive about the BM and MSO
  • Danwood, Andrew Russell was positive but did raise four issues: kitchen not large enough for number of people using it, ground floor toilet facilities are not very good at all, parking is a problem, ICT is not as good as previous office. However he was generally positive.
  • CCS Media, Tim Moran – pretty negative, “it’s just an office space, nothing special, kitchen/WC inadequate”. We are not using his testimonial.
  • Call It Automotive, Nicholas Resssinger was called but was unhappy about a number of issues, declined to give a testimonial. I found a group of his people using all the seating in the first floor kitchen area to hold a meeting.
  • BM has a “give and take” philosophy about this.


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