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As the number recruiter for charity jobs in the not-for-profit sector we tend to employ many young people to support our clients’ fundraising efforts.  That is why it is really important to have our offices in an area and a building that appeals to that demographic and reflects our corporate values.

The MSO Business Centre located in The HIVE in Manchester’s creative Northern Quarter not only gives us a presence in the North West but MSO provides all the facilities and services we need as well.  The business centre is very modern, trendy and vibrant, our clients and visitors often comment on the fact that it is uplifting and aspirational.

Another aspect of the service we really like is that we can book meeting rooms as and when we require. This is very useful because we book meeting rooms on an ad-hoc basis and usually at the last minute – but MSO always manage to accommodate us.

Our clients appreciate that it doesn’t look “corporate” and we like the fact that it is unbranded.

The fixtures and fitting are of a high quality and the Business Centre Manger ensures everything is very well organised. She is very helpful and goes out of her way to support our business. Recently she introduced us to a new client on her own initiative. This was appreciated by us because it demonstrated how she had taken the time to understand our business. On another occasion, when our receptionist was leaving, the Business Centre Manager organised a leaving party for her. She also keeps us fuelled with biscuits and memorably, when she was shortlisting caterers, she involved us in the food tasting.

We were the first clients to move into the HIVE and again, the Business Centre Manager kept us up to date and attended to our needs. We initially had 3 member of staff, this has now doubled and we still have capacity in our serviced office to add other people. MSO took the time to understand our business and growth plans and provided a suitable serviced office with ambition built-in.

I am delighted to nominate MSO Workspace for the BCA Awards.

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