Following the London Lead

Central London is now home to over 7.8 million sq ft of flexible workspace. This figure has risen from 4.5 million sq ft in 2009. This is a rise of 73% in eight years. That said, flexible workspace space currently only represents 4% of total London office stock. The story across the country is likely to be similar.

According to the latest Flexible Workplace Report from Colliers,
the need for short leases and flexible space, particularly in the wake of the wave of political and economic uncertainty engendered by the EU referendum, is driving demand for increasing volumes of flexible workspace space.

At MSO Workspace and our portfolio of Business Centres across the UK from Manchester, Birmingham, Solihull, Northampton, Trowbridge, Dorking to Slough we are seeing a similar picture.

Clients are not just embracing flexibility but are increasingly seeking out prestigious, high quality fully serviced office accommodation in land mark locations with easy top grade facilities and to access transport links. Serviced office space gives clients flexibility and allows them to keep their options open. They no longer have to commit to long inflexible traditional office leases. Our award winning, unbranded Business Centres are delivering the office of the future today.

To see how, call MSO Workspace today on 0845 370 7360.

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