Future Workplace Special Report

Over the past 20 years, the office has been transformed in design, working styles and management.

The Future Workplace special report, published in The Times, investigates how businesses can get the best from workspaces.

We’ve been monitoring and responding to changing client needs over the past decade by innovating and delivering flexible office solutions that work for our clients.

The established multi-nationals have been playing catch-up as the market for “office space” transforms and mutates. The Future Workplace report is a timely reminder that innovation and creativity – not gimmicks. will deliver the office space solutions that businesses require as they seek to attract and retain the talent that will drive their business forward.

At MSO Workspace we’ve been anticipating the subtle changes and are preparing to deliver the Future Offices that clients demand.

You can access the Future Workplace report here.

You can learn more about MSO Workplace by visiting one of our Business Centres to see how our clients benefit from being located in a MSO Workspace serviced office. Call MSO Workspace today on 0845 370 7360.

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