The most beneficial service/facility at the MSO Business Centre at Eleven Brindley place for Huntswood is that MSO understands that security is our number one priority – both physical security and data security.

MSO understands our business priorities and support us to meet those priorities, this includes attending to our needs outside of business hours. From the outset, MSO guaranteed that it understood our priorities and has delivered on its promise. This has built confidence as MSO has gone above and beyond what is required.

We operate a customer service centre which involves administration and order processing on behalf of our clients, with 145 staff there are inevitably considerable facilities management tasks. MSO has been very supportive from the outset. MSO was able to customise the floor plate to meet our exact requirements which included the provision of lockers for all staff, meeting areas and serviced offices. We also had very specific ICT requirements and again MSO delivered as promised.

As security is a key priority for our business, MSO supported us by issuing security passes for our new starters and whenever there are any issues which cannot be resolved immediately, the centre manager communicates with us on a regular basis to keep us updated on progress.

In terms of opening up new business opportunities for Huntswood, our serviced offices are located in a grade A building and visiting clients are suitably impressed.

The business manager is excellent and receives our visitors and clients professionally whilst maintaining our strict security protocols. She also keeps us informed of local promotions and always has time for everyone.

MSO understands our business and supports our brand. Based on our experience we are happy to nominate MSO Workspace for the BCA Awards and believe MSO would be a worthy winner.

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