I am a physiotherapists based at the MSO Workspace Business Centre in Churchill House in Slough. The company, Jamie Bell Physiotherapy, has several treatment centres across the UK and three of us are based in Churchill House.

The biggest benefit for us and our patients is that Churchill House is in an excellent location that makes it very easy for our patients to reach and park. In fact it is in absolutely the perfect location.  We have another treatment room on Bath Road in a Regus building but the MSO business centre is so much better. We tend to operate from 9am to 9pm and also on Saturday to fit around our patients’ needs and MSO supports us very well by providing secure access control to the building.

The business centre manager and her team are really excellent. They receive our patients and look after them in the reception area until we are available. They also manage the parking very efficiently so our patients are always accommodated in the car park or the overflow car park.  Patients often comment on the courtesy with which they are welcomed by MSO.  This reflects very well on our company and I do feel that MSO is always very attentive to our needs. They go far beyond our expectations.

We are very pleased with the service and facilities here and our patients also really like the location and customer service delivered by MSO. The building itself is a lovely mix of traditional and modern. Our treatment room has a very large window which floods natural light into the room and immediately creates a very positive ambience. All of these aspects of the MSO package undoubtedly will continue to help us grow our business here in the South East.

I wholeheartedly support the nomination of MSO Workspace for the BCA Awards.

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