For Medgate , the most beneficial service/facility provided by MSO at Eleven Brindley Place is Grade A serviced accommodation in one of the most prestigious locations in Birmingham.

Our staff and visiting clients always comment positively about the vivid colour scheme and the uplifting nature of the centre.

Previously we were in serviced office accommodation which we outgrew and one of the reasons for relocating to the MSO business centre was that MSO took the time to understand our business needs and growth plans, consequently we were assured that as we grew, MSO would work with us to support our growing needs.

We signed a 5 year agreement with a 3 year break clause. However, because we achieved our 3 year expansion goals within 12 months we had to bring our plans forward.  MSO kept its word and made space available for us to expand our office space to accommodate our growing business.

Partitioning was carried out quickly and our business was unaffected.

In terms of providing a value-added service, I can give an example of how MSO reacted to an emergency. We had a situation recently when we lost all power to our service support desk. This was a critical issue because we have service level agreements with our clients and this could have seriously affected our business and reputation. The MSO business centre manager in conjunction with the MSO facilities manager coordinated a text book business continuity response to restore temporary power. MSO then identified that a water leak had cause the problem and with their contractors devised a permanent solution and implemented it so everything was back to normal by lunchtime.

As a specialist software solutions provider in the occupation healthcare sector, we are currently implementing ISO 27001 Accreditation for Data Security, this calls for card based access control to our offices, MSO managed the entire process for us and also installed frosting to glass walls to maintain computer screen integrity and security.

The centre manager does an excellent job of involving the various clients by running event s such as McMillan Coffee morning and cake sales to support the charity and a Fantasy Football League. On a day-to-day basis the business centre is impeccably maintained and the kitchen is well equipped and stocked with real ground coffee not just a tin of instant coffee.

MSO Workspace deserves to win because it provides a really good service and the centre manager is very good.

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