MSO Wins Arrivista Business of the Year Award 2015

Another award, this time from the Arrivista,  the West Midlands #1 business coaching & training firm which was established in 2007 and has won many national and international awards itself. See

As Simon Williams, MD of Arrivista commented when presenting the award for “Business of the Year, 2015” to MSO Workspace; “The award is for a business that had a vision of what it could achieve, put the plan and necessary systems in place, and then executed brilliantly.  A company that understand you cannot do it without the team, and as result has created a formal development programme based on a proven training and coaching methodology. A simple but committed approach has enabled MSO to meet and surpass the performance of its peers both now and on a sustainable basis. The results speak for themselves.”

Accepting the award, Steve Lyons, MD of MSO Workspace said, “This award is for all of our team. It recognises the commitment and determination they put in to providing our customers with an exceptional experience in each and every one of our business centres.”

To learn more about MSO Workspace and the positive impact this commitment to development and coaching has on our customers’ businesses , please contact MSO Workspace today  on 0845 370 7360.

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