The Coffice and Coffee Shop Saturation?

With soaring numbers of coffee shops on UK High Streets, you seldom have to go far for a caffeine fix.

But according to investment bank Citigroup it is time the big brands woke up and smelled the coffee.

We are about to reach saturation point for coffee shops. Read more here.

But not everyone agrees we’re reaching peak coffee shop.

Jeffrey Young, founder of Allegra, claims there will be many more coffee shops in about five years.

“There’s one fundamental driver, that’s urban densities,” he argues.

“This is happening all over the world. People are moving back to cities. Cities are becoming more vertical. Every office block of a certain size can support a coffee shop.

“The coffee shop becomes a social hub where people socialise, work, meet tinder dates… there are so many reasons, useful purposes for a coffee shop in addition to the desire to have a coffee.”

Well the jury is still out on the future of Coffee Shops but with MSO Workspace Business Centres offering purpose-built co-working spaces, private meeting rooms and fully serviced office space why would anyone still attempt to conduct a business meeting in a bustling hotel lobby or a crowded coffee shop? The “Coffice” is really no place to conduct something as important as your business.

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