The Essential Office Checklist

Finding new office premises that are perfect for your business usually calls for a bit of give and take. You have to consider a range of competing options and then prioritise, compromise and negotiate.

At MSO Workspace, we don’t expect you to fit your people and business into a pre-define space – depending on availability we give you the freedom to customise your office space so that it fits around and enhances your business.

So, before you sign on the dotted, here’s a quick 5 point checklist.

  • Does your office location and accommodation communicate your brand values and ambition to your staff, clients, suppliers and competitors?
  • Does your fully managed office offer everything you need for a fixed monthly fee?
  • Can you access value-added service on site e.g. secretarial services, ICT, business services, meeting rooms, networking opportunities etc?
  • Is your office provider committed to supporting your business ambitions now and as you grow?
  • Will your office provider reward your loyalty or push up the rent at every opportunity?

For a different way of securing your next office move, call MSO Workspace today on 0845 370 7360.

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