The Smart Route to MSO Workspace Northampton

The MSO Workspace Northampton Business Centre at Lakeside House  is ideally located for business; easily accessed from the A428, Bedford Road with links to the A45 and M1 J15 is only four miles away. Northampton Town Centre and the train station are only 2 miles away and both London Euston and Birmingham New Street can be reached within an hour.

However, with the Introduction of smart motorway technology to M1, junctions 16-19, drivers are being reminded of the importance of obeying variable speed limit signs on the M1 in Northamptonshire.

The Highways England project between Northampton (junction 16) and Cathorpe (junction 19) uses sensors to automatically monitor vehicle numbers and adjust the speed limit via overhead signs, with the aim of tackling congestion, reducing stop-start traffic flow and improving journey times.

Matt O’Connell, of the Safer Roads Team, said: “Smart motorway technology is designed to make journeys safer, smoother and quicker. Achieving these benefits relies on every driver obeying the active warning and mandatory speed limit signs whenever they are displayed.

“It’s also important for people to know than even when no speed is displayed, meaning the national 70mph limit is in place, the roadside cameras remain in operation to enforce that limit.”

In the rush to get ahead and get to your MSO Workspace office, be mindful of the speed limit.

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