Time to Close the Door on Open Offices?

Once the darling of corporate designers, the open-plan office is falling out of favour. The removal of physical barriers from the workplace was thought to increase the ease of interaction and encourage teamwork. However, more recent studies suggest the disadvantages outweigh the benefits. Read more here.

In the largest study to date, Jungsoo Kim and Richard de Dear at the University of Sydney surveyed 40,000 workers in 300 offices. Employees working in open-plan offices felt more stressed, distracted and unproductive than those in more traditional work settings. Increased noise levels and lack of privacy were the main complaints.

Researchers at the University of Stockholm’s Stress Research Institute found employees working on focused, complex tasks felt the most stressed when in open-plan settings.

An MSO Workspace, we give our clients the option to specify their chosen workspace in the configuration that best suits their business. This is just one of the ways we ensure your flexible office space fits around you.

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