Uncertain Times

Well, our politicians and an unpredictable electorate have ensured that this has been a roller coaster of a year; 12 months after the Brexit vote and a surreal General Election, the only thing we can be sure of is uncertainty.

In spite of this businesses continue to thrive and invest in the future.

Businesses and the entrepreneurs who establish them know from day one that uncertainty is part and parcel of the journey.

So what are the practical steps you can take to navigate your business thorough these days?

  • Ensure your office accommodation is as flexible as possible, don’t commit to long leases and retain your right to flexibility.
  • Keep a sharp eye on costs – your office costs should be a fixed fully-inclusive monthly figure
  • Minimise your exposure to unnecessary risks
  • Focus on your customers but constantly seek out new collaboration opportunities with other complementary businesses.

Our fully serviced offices in MSO Workspace Business Centres host a wide range of businesses to ensure you always have an opportunity to network and grow.

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