Where is the North?

Or for that matter, where’s the South? For years the debate has been raging and for many in and around London, Watford is perceived as the start of the “North”.

But for businesses in the North that are looking to expand into the South there isn’t a similar arbitrary milestone on the motorway.

The key requirements for any business looking to establish a presence in a new region is the availability of suitable, competitively priced, flexible office accommodation in a great location with space to grow and expand.

London with all its commercial magnetism and capital pull has significant downsides: extremely high rents, transport and infrastructural challenges, time and cost of employees commuting, lack of affordable housing just to mention a few.

That is why Slough, Northampton and Trowbridge with their proximity and access to London are such popular locations for businesses wanting to expand or relocate. MSO Workspace Business Centres in these locations are witnessing high levels of interest as canny clients realize they can have easily access to London without all the downsides.

To learn more or to arrange a viewing at one of our business centres, please call MSO Workspace today on: 0845 370 7360.

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