Workspace Recovery Solution Launch

Data recovery is a well understood concept and virtually every business has a strategy to back up and recover data if a disastrous incident were to take place.

But what happens if you can’t even get into your offices due to a disastrous incident such as a fire, flood or explosion?

How would your business function if your people were unable to access their specialist office application, files and workspace?

This is a serious issue. It needs your attention now.

MSO Workspace is launching a comprehensive Workplace Recovery Solution consisting of: Managed Cloud Backup & Recovery, Co Location, Business Continuity Planning and Email Continuity & Filtering.

With Workspace Continuity Locations throughout the Midlands, North West, South East you can be confident that your business can continue to function and serve clients and customers in the event of a disastrous event.

We will be running a series of free workshops in the coming months to raise awareness of this critical business need.

To register your interest please call MSO Workspace today on: 0845 370 7360 or email:

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