After over a decade in office space, we at MSO Workspace thought we had seen everything the business world had to throw at us. That is until 2020 struck. A year unlike any other we, or indeed anyone, had experienced previously.

What began as tentative plans at the end of 2019 as a new thing called Covid-19 began to spread across Asia quickly turned into disaster planning as it hit our shores and the picture looked bleak.

National Lockdown takes hold

With a national lockdown taking hold in March our operations needed a change, but like all challenges we have faced in the past we adapted to the landscape before us and through everything ensured our tenants were able to work safely in our centres or support their remote operations where needed.

During the first lockdown we went further, renovating our centres to ensure social distancing was capable at all times while maintaining our high standards of cleaning to calm businesses who were worried about returning once free to do so.

Although the government advice did change, telling us all to get back to the office, understandably not all our tenants felt safe to do so. Therefore, we looked into helping arrange work-from-home systems which included team bubbles rotating. An essential working practice helping maintain productivity in employees and offering a boost for their mental health.

Office space as we know it

Our virtual office service has been busier than ever too. Although this pandemic has hit every business hard, small companies have been especially affected. With many already just balancing on a knife’s edge when it comes to finances, losing clients led to many losing their office presence. This then led to owners looking into virtual offices, many for the first time ever, as a form of maintaining their professional image at all times.

More than anything, this year has highlighted two things: the need for flexibility, and the need for rapid changes to company structure.

It is fair to suggest that businesses that managed to survive this year will have mechanisms in place ready to react to whatever surprises the future has to throw at us.

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