Choosing the Right Space

Do You Need It? A lot of businesses will rush the process – they need that fantastic looking office with amazing furniture NOW! But does it make sense? A lot of savings could be made opting for a Virtual Office or Shared Office solution. It’s best to measure this up before jumping the gun.

Space for Growth. Every business wants to grow, obviously. No one wants to stay in the same place for years. As your business and workload increase, you’re going to need more employees, and a cramped little office with little-to-no space isn’t going to be a great selling point to candidates. Then you’ve got to worry about where they’ll work. Set growth targets and put these in to the mix when looking for an office, but make sure you’re realistic, else you could end up with unwanted space. We understand you want to grow, but different businesses increase at different rates – and that’s why with MSO Workspace, you can upsize your office at any point in your agreement and have an office that grows with your business.

Infrastructure. The world is more connected than ever. With a video call here, emails there, followed by a conference call and everything in-between. You’re going to need high quality data and telephony infrastructure, and this should be high on your priority list when picking a space. Don’t settle for less just because it’s the cheap and cheerful option, if it will result in your business being stuck in the dark ages.

Length of Your Agreement. Whether it’s your first office or your tenth, we know you no longer want to be stuck in long leases you can’t get out of. Who knows where your business will be in five years’ time? That’s why we offer flexible agreements. From three-month agreements to two years, you can plan one step at a time without the worry of long-term commitments.

Property Management. You’ll need to find out who’s responsibility it is to do the boring legal stuff, and you’ll need to work out whether you have the time and resources to do it. If it’s your responsibility, it could add up and have a massive effect on the price of your space. A Serviced Office solution includes utilities, business rates, service charge and more – in one handy Licence invoice.

Remote Working. This is an ever-growing style of work, and you can utilise this. If your employees are working remotely, you can estimate how many of them will be working in the office on one day and plan your space around those numbers, costing less than having all of your staff office-based.

Freedom. Employees won’t want to be stuck at the same desk all day. Implementing break-out spaces and business lounge features to make the workplace a fun environment can have massive benefits to your business and productivity. Thankfully, all of our Business Centres have breakout spaces available to use for everybody.

We offer flexible office solutions for all size businesses. Our customisable solutions offer the perfect fit for your business. Talk to us about how we can assist your business’ growth plans just by changing up your office space.

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