At MSO Workspace, our value is flexible office solutions that offers our clients de-risks office options through our value offering, competitive customisable space with flexible agreements and superb locations in the suburbs that allows your employees and teams not only a better lifestyle opportunity but easier commute too!

Business Matters published an article recently on “Could working near home be the new working from home?” – something here at MSO we can really get on-board with!

The article explores the fact that how the future office looks will change, and that there will continue to be some alignment between a physical office environment and flexible remote working, supported by a recent survey by Engaging Works found that almost two thirds of employees want a split between remote working and time spent in the office following the pandemic.

With employees likely only to be coming into offices for part of the week and a growing preference for less dense locations and those that can be reached without taking public transport, what businesses look for in a workplace is shifting.

The challenge is that what companies now want is a rarity. A rapid transformation in the concept of what makes a desirable workplace has seen non-city-centre locations rise in popularity:

For the past months, at MSO, we’ve seen an increased number of enquiries from businesses who are looking for flexibility from their office provider and seeking to move from their once sought-after expensive city location to a rural location without loosing the quality and prestige modern space, that better suits the needs of their business.

Some months ago, as you may have seen in our blog, we’ve also been working with our clients to future-proof their business operations through a range of innovative and integrated technology solutions to foresee the balance of ofice and home-working solutions – technology, sustainability and, most recently, health and wellbeing, mean that attitudes have started to change when it comes to choosing an office location, and one, we hope continues!

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