There’s no doubt that Covid-19 has propelled digital transformation across businesses globally. Organisations of every size have had to adapt quickly to the new working from home mantra, implementing new remote working practices and technology – but what will the lasting impact be?

Digital transformation is described by experts as using technology to rapidly improve the performance and reach of a business. Digital Transformation had already begun pre-pandemic with manageable technology that enabled businesses to work more efficiently and drive growth through business continuity.

The pandemic has catapulted digital transformation through necessity. 

Videoconferencing, messaging, collaboration tools and team sharing have all become common methods to facilitate remote working. In March at the early start of the pandemic, the likes of Slack had added 9,000 new customers in Q1 – almost double that in the previous quarter, and  Zoom saw its shares go up 112% on the year.

Companies that already had some digital working methods meant that the pandemic was manageable and teams were able to stay connected and productive with systems already in place. For businesses that were new to digital transformation, it demonstrated significant vulnerability and, as a result, had a much stronger negative impact on the business with the added stress of adapting to new working conditions, setting up new processes as well as having to mitigate security breaches and privacy issues.

The future of digital transformation in office space

Organisations have seen the value that digital channels have, those that are willing to make changes and integrate digital transformation within operations now will be in a much stronger position post-pandemic and have the least amount of negative and financial loss as a result.

At MSO, we understand that there will be a connecting bridge between home working and the traditional collaborative office space for some time. Businesses need flexibility and added solutions now more than ever.

With MSO you are guaranteed a flexible, customised way of working that fits within your business needs and is good or business and your teams. Our new installation of Microsoft Teams and HP slice across our business centres mean that our clients can access the very latest most effective technology solutions without the big investment.

Speak to our friendly and professional office space experts today to hear how MSO is supporting businesses large and small to be in a position to thrive and de-risk post-pandemic.




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