5 Things We Can Learn From Brexit

You’ve probably heard “Deal”, “No Deal” and “Brexit” more times in the past few weeks than you’ve heard your own name. You’ve probably zoned out to your Brexit-Free Zone a lot, as well.

However, there are some valuable things we could all learn from Brexit that could make a massive impact on our businesses.

Here’s five top tips to implement to make sure your business isn’t as topsy-turvy as Brexit;

1) Take Criticism and Prepare to Change. The world is ever-changing. Good leaders can change their strategies and try different things when their Plan A isn’t working. If a leader can’t do this, they probably won’t get the deal they had bargained for. The best leaders can accept and acknowledge their errors, take on board comments and fix their approach to suit their company.

2) Strong Leadership. Being a leader requires constant focus, persistence and ability to build a team that is accountable and results-driven. Leaders shouldn’t be chosen because of their wit or charm, but more on the integrity, honesty and adaptability.

3) Put Your Customers First. Customers can tell when they are being cared for. Putting customers first not only increases customer satisfaction, but it also gives businesses a chance to get feedback about their policies, strategies, products and more. And who are the best people to tell you how to improve? Your clients.

4) Be Transparent. Employees expect their organisation to keep them informed about whatever is going on, whether it’s great news, or its devastating. If transparency is lacking, they will seek external news and internal rumours, which (as there is no news from the organisation) they presume is correct and accurate.

5) Plan Long Term and Consider Risks. Don’t make decisions you think will suit the short term, which will further increase the risk in the long-term. Before changing everything in one snap, use resources to gather opinions, plan for and against the decision, and be wholeheartedly confident it is the right decision.

Brexit unravelled a lack of leadership, an extreme division and a largely dissatisfied public. Don’t let this happen to your business. Put the points in to play and don’t let your business suffer the same fate as Brexit.

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