Get More From Your Meetings

So, you’re sat down, you’ve came prepared, you’re ready for whatever life throws at you – yet you still walk out of the meeting feeling like you haven’t resolved anything. Stop wasting time and money on unproductive meetings. These tips will help you improve your meetings and make them that much more productive.

  1. Find the right venue. As easy and conventional as normal board rooms are, sometimes they can be unnerving, sometimes even unpractical. Experiment and try something that works for you, such as walking meetings, or a talk at your favourite coffee shop.
  2. Do more than waffle. So you’re in the meeting, you state one objective, and you all waffle on for the duration and achieve nothing. Instead, state your topics and objectives first, get to the point and move on to your next topic. It’s a starting point if your meeting is 20% recap of the last, with completed actions, and 80% focusing on what’s to be completed next.
  3. Don’t hold back on important topics. “Save the best until last” they say, they’re wrong. Don’t talk about everything else apart from the key topic so it gets left unresolved. Put it first on your agenda and tackle it straight away.
  4. Change your presenting method. If you’re reading a size 11 Calibri font, white background PowerPoint, word-for-word, you’re not going to hold any engagement. Everybody will be bored. Nobody will listen. Change up your meeting and find new, creative ways to present what you need to. 
  5. Laptops down, please. Chances are, that email can probably wait. Don’t let your meeting flop just because you feel like you must reply to that one email else the world will end. Concentrate on being as engaged as you can be, instead.
  6. Phones away, please. We’ll hazard a guess that if you’re reading this and you’ve been on a conference call, nine times out of ten your sole attention hasn’t been on the call. You’ve been answering emails, doodling, walking around the office. It doesn’t work. Meet face-to-face instead, the costs may be more, but the benefits will be astronomical.

Productive meetings can extremely benefit your business, obviously. Change your strategy and fix your ways and see how well you improve.

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