Make Your Office More Productive

Everybody wants their office to be a productive hub full of groundbreaking ideas. But how do you get there when even a squeaky chair can distract the best of us? Here’s 6 tips to help you make your office more productive.

  1. Work around light. Several studies indicate that exposure to natural lighting significantly reduces workplace stress and increases productivity. Choosing an office with windows and incorporating light in to your office can have amazing benefits.
  2. Grow a friend. Studies have also shown that indoor plants have a great impact on employees productivity. Now, you don’t need to grow a forest, but just a few indoor plants will do the trick.
  3. Adopt agility. Agile and flexible working are taking over. Everybody wants to get involved and the statistics show it has great affects. Making your workspace agile and offering flexible working is another great tip to get productivity in full flow.
  4. Don’t work with mess. Tidy office, tidy mind. If there are distractions lying around, or the untidiness itself is a distraction, change it. Even if its overordering supplies, a lot of employees don’t feel engaged or motivated in a crowded workplace.
  5. Focus on comfort. We’re not saying put memory foam mattresses all round, just comfortable, adjustable chairs. They can help reduce stress levels and ensure your employees aren’t losing concentration wishing they didn’t have muscle pains.
  6. What’s that smell? A nice scent in the office can vitalize anybody, freshening and de-stressing the minds of employees. A little citrus diffuser in the corner of the office is all it takes.

Just a few little changes can make a massive impact to your productivity levels. Try a few and see how you end up! If you’re still struggling to find an office that’s a good fit, come and talk to us. Our flexible and customizable serviced office space is great for raising productivity. Call us on 0845 370 7360 or email to find out more.

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