Moving offices and relocating your workspace is exciting if not somewhat stressful.

A recent survey by E.ON found that moving premises is the second most stressful task that managers have to deal with. As a result, a colossal 78% of companies actually delay moving, opting to stay in inefficient, cramped and costly facilities just to avoid the stress of it all. Yet the changing market with Covid-19 is forcing many businesses to re-evaluate their workspace.

If you are responsible for any kind of office relocation, it’s vital that disruption is minimised and that new facilities meet the current and future needs of your company. With relocations so critical to your business and colleagues, it’s up to the office moves project manager (normally the facilities manager) to organise, manage and procure every aspect of the move with great detail, yet as seamlessly as possible.

From viewing to moving into your new workspace, at MSO the process is simple.

Whether you’re moving to a serviced office or a coworking space with shared facilities, planning, preparation and communication are key. Although moving offices is a challenging task, there are steps you can take to keep things running as smoothly as possible. Here’s a handy guide to help you make the move without unnecessary stress:

  1. Consider your space – plan out a detailed floorplan and plan of your new space. Specifically, with the challenges around social distancing and phased return to work with the pandemic, this is even more critical. You should look at the short and long term capacity and operations
  2. Speak to your office provider – the relationship you have with your workspace provider should be an aligned one. They should understand not only the current safety regulations but also be able to advise you on effective office layouts (they will have been doing this extensively for the past few months so may well have additional ideas to share with you), complimentary services and look to build a sustainable and ongoing service agreement that matches your needs
  3. Take the leap – whether you are wanting a quick move (we can support next day move-in), or a phased, planned relocation, set the date, put the logistical elements into play and start to communicate with your team.

We’ve found over the past weeks that many larger companies are choosing to move to the suburbs and rural locations for their office needs, with increased safety, less commuting, coupled with less risk, your office location out of the city may be the perfect move!

We want to make sure you feel at ease, satisfied, and understand the various opportunities available through our flexible solutions, you can find your perfect office one day & be moving in the next!

To discuss your future office requirements, call our professional team on 0845 370 7360 or use the contact form via the website for us to call you back.


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