Covid-19 has, and will continue to change the way we work.

MSO have been committed to supporting our clients across our centres, even prior to isolation and have implemented a range of strategies that de-risk, increase safety and offer peace of mind during these challenging times.


Implementing a safe, de-risked work environment for you and your staff

Our commitment is always to the safety and wellbeing of our clients, and their teams who operate across our buildings. Which is why, from the very start of Covid-19, we developed an immediate strategy to support our clients remaining onsite supporting keyworkers and the health industry, as well as developed a comprehensive de-risk strategy for our clients, ready for when they return to work, alongside health and safety, COSH protection and the World Health Organisation (WHO), to consist of a range of tactics and protective working in the foreseeable future, including:


  • De-sanitised working environment. Specialist contract cleaning has been organised across our centres, to include full sanitisation throughout, with emphasis across touchpoint and communal areas, above industry standards. Integrating continuing cleaning contracts across all our centres.
  • Risk-assessments, implementing physical social distancing policies and signage, from the carparks and entry points across all our centres, through a coherent ‘walk through’ to support our clients inside our building and to minimise risk. This includes updating all of our HSE procedures for the future to minimise direct personal contact.
  • Inclusive PPE equipment across our centres, as standard working policies across all our own staff, we have supported and will continue to protect our clients by the provision of specialist and traditional PPE wear as requested.
  • Implemented staff ‘wellbeing’ areas and enhanced current collaborative spaces to provide clients and staff with areas to relax and restructure back into the work environment
  • Installation of the latest virtual tech across our meeting spaces, understanding that virtual working and meetings will be the ‘norm’ in the future, we’re supporting our clients to access the most reliable and productive options possible to minimise further downtime and impact to their business.
  • Continuing to offer flexible, low-risk office space for our clients across the board. From bespoke interior planning and solutions, through to ‘pay as you use’ offices and agreements, we’re renowned and proud of the client centric approach we take to office space. In addition we have created a range of Covid-19 friendly office space packages for clients to further de-risk those businesses already impacted by the virus, including flexible safe-desking workspaces, virtual office support  and flexible opening times for those implementing shift or gradual workplace practices where discussed.
  • Full office solutions provisions. As part of our network, we have pivoted our network to further support our clients with additional services and solutions to protect our clients against further impact, whether that is signposting to access funding and finance to Government schemes, accommodate remote workforces, or recruit for your future.


At MSO, we are proud to be ‘ahead of the curve’ when it comes to both our wider offering, and supporting our clients with bespoke, client led services and solutions. Covid-19 has seen a tremendous impact across our area, and we are happy to support as many businesses as possible to ‘get back up and running’ as efficiently and safely as possible.


If you would like to talk to our professional team about office solutions, we’re on hand to support your needs and protect your business in the future. Visit our website for further details on how we can support you.

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