Are virtual offices now the new ‘norm’. This year will be remembered for the working-from-home boom but the impact of this will continue for time to come. For smaller businesses, sole traders, and those who were just beginning to find their footing in the world this year, one service that many hadn’t considered or even heard of was the virtual office.

Virtual Offices

Virtual offices were not an option considered by many business leaders before 2020 yet now offer an attractive proposition. The ability to maintain office operations while protecting the best interests of staff members.

The number of enquiries MSO Workspace has faced regarding virtual offices in 2020 is unprecedented. But property space is going nowhere, instead we are seeing a blended approach to working with core teams continuing to meet on-site whilst others remain away.

Changes to working

Rapid change was called for when Covid-19 stuck, and most businesses have managed to adapt as needed. Mothballing premises indefinitely is both unsustainable and impractical when it comes to company-client communications. It is virtual office space that can bridge that gap as an interim at this stage.

There are some aspects of office life that cannot be replicated, conference meetings for example are undeniably better suited to in-person occasions. But day-to-day operations can move, for a short time, away from the central hub.

Although we can work remotely, surveys show that productivity falls and its toll on mental wellbeing is indisputable.

The perfect balance – virtual offices and face to face

Finding the balance between in-person, where safe and secure to do so, and remote working will be key for businesses to end this year and begin 2021. It may be difficult to make concrete plans due to ever-changing lockdown restrictions but possessing multiple working practices will smooth the rocky road ahead.

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