Covid-19 has had a significant impact on office space and the way we work, with many challenges to businesses to adapt their office space in the future under new Government guidance.

We’ve published a range of insights and guidance across our blog and social media channels and will continue to offer expert re-shaping guidance for your business and workspace.

In this case, and to somewhat lighten the mood, we found this graphic which demonstrates how office environments has changed since the 1990’s and some things, it seems have become much more relatable now, than they were before…

While we had a good giggle at floppy disks (you have to be a certain age to remember these popular office accessories!), some of the more serious points on equality has, thankfully moved along.

It’s an interesting point on mobile phones (and associated technology), and one that we believe will become more popular in the office space post Covid, as companies look to flex their business with a mix of home-working and from a central location to unify communications across teams.

Effective and reliable technology as a whole will certainly be a big priority for businesses moving forward, as we have noticed with some of our clients who’ve valued the installation of additional Enterprise communication across our offices including Microsoft Teams and HP Slice to encourage safe working practices and video conferencing as an alternative to physical meetings.

What are your thoughts on how the office will look post pandemic?

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