The ONS has conducted a survey showing that remote working may be swiftly withdrawn after Covid restrictions ease.

The survey, completed by over September 2020, was split across multiple industries, from education through to administration classifications, found that, on the whole, business owners have not only had to mitigate the operational demands and restrictions of COVID, but have seen a  dramatic impact on staff wellbeing, relationships and productivity as employees struggle to juggle home-life with work commitments.

The Office for National Statistics found the future concepts and opinions around working from home were very different depending on the industry.

As much as 24% of businesses said there had been decrease in work rate since working from home.

Reviewing the survey, Chief economist at Deloitte Ian Stewart told the Telegraph he is expecting an increase in working from home in the future. However, he stated he said he doubts jobs will not go completely remote due to office working catalysing new ideas, as well as professional relationships.

For the past several months, we’ve openly talked about the importance of a physical office to maintain the company culture, drive productivity and facilitate wellbeing support for employees, whether that’s an informal conversation at the watercooler or more formal interventions. It’s our strong view that the physical office will always have a place in business.

This latest survey supports that, with only 19% of companies interviewed planning to keep working from home as a permanent business model going forward and a staggering 67% said they did not intend to use increased homeworking as a permanent business model going forward.

You can read the survey fully here.

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